Everything you need to know about classic Italian furniture



Discover design ideas with classic style bedroom furniture

Classic bedroom furniture will ensure privacy and at the same time offer you a state of euphoria and relaxation. Classic style furniture pieces require respect from the first visual impact. The generous bed is waiting to be hugged every night when you need rest, to regain your strength.

When you stand in front of the mirror to redo your makeup, you will be part of an image worthy of the paintings of great contemporary artists. The bedside table is beautifully decorated with fine details that stand out.

Everything looks like a world detached from the classic movies where princes and princesses played. With a classic Italian bedroom furniture you can feel like a real princess.

In terms of interior design, use only high quality products that fit perfectly to your taste. At Nobili Design you can find a wide variety of classic Italian bedroom furniture sets.

The designers who work make luxury solid wood furniture, which gives a perfect elegance to any home. It stands out for its versatility and style and fits perfectly to the tastes of even the most demanding customers.

Choose to decorate your home with luxury Italian furniture

There are countless types of stores that people visit regularly, however, a furniture store isn't one of them. The majority of people don't buy furniture every day or even every year. It's a commodity that lives with us for quite some time before we want or need to replace it. Since we don't buy furniture often, shopping for it can be a considerably stressful process. However, it doesn't need to be, one just needs to be prepared. Here's some tips you can follow before going furniture shopping that will make your trip a success.

Italian-style furnishings, be it a bedroom or a living room, are usually compared to a royal suite. The aristocratic and laconic forms of the bedroom set have a magnetic effect and will not leave anyone indifferent - neither the owners nor the guests of the house.

Tips For Furniture Shopping

This furniture invariably combines excellent workmanship and first-class materials to create the most fantastic interiors. We will tell you about what Italian bedroom furniture is famous for in this article.
The chic and shine of the Italian bedroom interior
Each time you enter your own Italian bedroom, you will imagine the streets of Florence with its bizarre facades, remember the majestic architecture of the Roman capital, the unique colors of Palermo, the airiness and lightness of the views of Venice.
The Italian model of interior design has always occupied a separate position among European trends - this style is close to the classics and at the same time remains original. The warm atmosphere of the bedroom allows body and soul to relax and unwind completely.
t is not easy to create a real Italian interior, since various nuances must be taken into account when decorating. Of course, you should not clutter up the room with all the objects that correspond to the style, but the main components of the design must certainly be present.
The Italian style looks more organic in rooms with high ceilings. For decoration, as a rule, a light scale is chosen, nevertheless, it is the dimensions of the room and its height that play an important role. Massive furniture, which is often furnished in Italian-style bedrooms, will look too bulky in small apartments.
Various types of parquets are the main coating for flooring in this style. To give the proper look, the walls are covered with wallpaper, painted or embossed technologies are used.
Wooden sleeping sets are completed by manufacturers from a variety of items: beds, wardrobes, cabinets, dressers. However, you can leave only the most necessary elements if the size and layout of the room does not allow more.
According to the classical canons, it is customary to put a wide double bed with the headboard against the wall so that the windows are located on the side. The backrest carvings or upholstery in accordance with the Baroque style will be an exquisite decoration for the bedroom as a whole.
The most fundamental products in the Italian interior are cabinets. As a rule, they have massive and austere forms. Sliding wardrobes with mirrored doors have become one of the favorite designs of Italians.
Facial care will be especially pleasant if you install a dressing table in the bedroom, equipped with a classic rectangular or round mirror. Wooden frame with carvings - contemporary decor in Italian style.

We must not forget about such an integral element of the headset as a pair of bedside tables. The general geometry of the furniture dictates the shape of the bedside tables, they can be semicircular or square, the classic finishing elements are carvings or metal overlays.

An upholstered bench, pouf or a bench with bent graceful legs is placed at the foot of the bed.
A large wardrobe is very good, but a chest of drawers with several drawers is suitable for storing a lot of small things. It is better to purchase a lightweight product for an Italian bedroom. The usual location of the chest of drawers is in front of the bed or against the side wall.

Tip #1: Know Your Desired Style

No matter what you're in the market for, a couch, a dinette set, or a bedroom set, you should take some time to think about the style you want. There's an abundance of different designs, materials, and styles to choose from in today's market and in order to acquire a sense of style for your replacement, you can check online, in magazines, and even just window shop at a few different furniture stores.

Some online furniture websites even permit you to change colors and materials for a better understanding of how the piece will look.

Tip #2: Know Your Area

It's important to know the size of the area in which you're purchasing new furniture for. This means you should take measurements and note distances between walls, windows, and doorways. Whether you have air vents, outlets, or other variants that shouldn't be blocked by furniture should also be noted. It can be helpful to measure existing furniture pieces to help ensure you purchase the proper size and fit of your new pieces.

Tip #3: Don't Forget Other Measurements

It's important to take measurements of the doorway itself, as well as, stairways if applicable. It would surprise you of the number of people who purchase new furniture that doesn't fit through these areas. There's nothing more disappointing than heading to the furniture store, choosing what you believe is the perfect piece only to find out it won't fit up the stairs or through the doorway. But it happens quite a bit, so don't let it happen to you, be prepared.

Tip #4: Window Shopping

A large number of individuals prefer to window shop before making a commitment to purchase. Those who are browsing should talk with sales reps, especially if they have any Classic Bedroom Furniture  concerns or need guidance. These reps are experts in materials, construction, and brands of furniture they have available. They'll be able to answer any questions one may have and help you find just the perfect piece for your needs.

Tip #5: Choosing Your Store

When it comes to choosing the right furniture store to shop at, you want to choose one you're comfortable with. You should find a sales rep that you like and come to know them. Find out about their service, their personal attention tactics, and whether they have prompt delivery service. This way when you have future furniture needs, you already have a reliable, comfortable place to shop.


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